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The Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Tolys Laurinaitis
from 1610
16 years of age

[community profile] entranceway

floor 5, room 69
rooming with Poland



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Name: Kira/Narva
LJ: [personal profile] narva
E-Mail: whatisnarva AT aol DOT com
IM: AIM: janteslaw

Character Name: Lithuania
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Timeline: 1610
Canon Resource Link: scroll down; scroll down; Shoutwiki; The irl nation; the Commonwealth

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Welcome to Save The Earth,

What is STE?

STE is a dreamwidth roleplay. It is plot-driven and player-choice dependent. Its genre falls between mem-loss and AU: All characters start out as complete AU-versions of their characters when they enter the game, yet as time proceeds they receive more and more parts of their OU-versions: Memories, physical features, personality traits, abilities, items and whatever else applies. This happens because characters are reincarnated into our modern world after the timelines of their canons have ended.

Example: The world in which Sailor Moon is located has ended, for whatever reason and at whatever point of time; nothing remains. Chronologically after this takes place, a different world travels the universe: Ours. This world might be similar, but it is not the same. Bunny is, at the time at which she enters the game, a 34-years-old cook at an Italian restaurant in Nesselwang, Germany, child of a Japanese mother and a German father. This life, she was born as the fourth child of seven, left school early to help her parents with their farm and never got married. But then she receives a number and suddenly has abilities that she never had, but also becomes a lot more clumsy...

When a character enters the game, they receive a number. This number enables them to connect to the network and also marks the start of them receiving regains, which in STE are called "pulses" or "echoes". STE is thus a game that has a network; it does however not have a separate comm for network posts and logs. Instead, almost all playing takes place at the main community [community profile] savetheearth (the only other gameplay that counts towards AC would be in IC contact posts).

On a more technical note: STE's AC requires three threads with different characters of which the shortest should be at least of 5 long/3 short comments long. It has permadeath, unless the character themselves is immortal/has a way of dodging death. There are no strict powercaps, but everyone starts out without any powers at all.

What is the setting of STE?

The setting of STE is our modern world. When the first people received their numbers, the only difference between STE's world and our world was the existence of an additional, perfectly normal city at the East Coast of the United States: Locke City. Since then, many changes have been taking place, the most high-profile ones of which are:
> Locke City, USA, has seen the attack of a giant stone snake and its minions, which damaged parts of the city centre heavily. In addition, there has been a rise of anti-numbered hostility and strongly increased mafia activity. Strange monsters have been sighted.
> Las Vegas, USA, had a mountain rise under it and a lake cover a large part of areas that were settled. Currently, the strip is being rebuilt on the mountain while residental areas are rising on its sides and next to it. The same monsters as in Locke have also been sighted in Las Vegas. For a while, a strange cult of the Refined Shell had its center here, but that seems to have passed. Another supernatural monster, this in the form of a crab-lobster-mix, has wrecked havoc on the already tested city.
> At the border of Austria and Germany, near Neuschwanstein castle and the towns Reutte, Füssen, Nesselwang and Kempten, an Orbital Tower has shown up. Lately, strange sightings have been made.

STE functions on a ratio of one ooc day = one ic day, keeping with the irl calendar. The game's principal time is GMT.

What limitations are there for the creation of my character?

Currently, there are three locations in which a character can receive their first echo:
> Las Vegas
> Locke City
> The Neuschwanstein Area
New places to receive one's first echo in will open up as the plot progresses.
Characters can however have been born and grown up everywhere - the only important thing is that echoes can only be received inside these "echo boundaries" and that the echoes of characters which leave the areas will be severely diminished - someone who grew into a ten metres giant will only be 3m anymore, a memory will feel more like a fuzzy dream, and a giant fireball will be no more than a little bit of sparkling. Currently, the network cannot get accessed from outside the echo boundaries.

Generally, you can have your character be anything: Any economical and family situation, occupation, criminal record, age, gender, race, etc. We do however ask for reason (your character can be rich, but not the richest person in the world) and tact where sensitive subjects get touched.

Characters can start out as anything: Human, animal, even a plant or a car would technically be possible, as long as their first echo is a plot echo and grants them the ability to following this have visceral experiences. You can also app two characters into one slot - Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi, the twins from Black Lagoon - all characters that are closely related enough that playing them as an unit makes more sense than playing them alone.

Okay, great, now I want to apply. What do I need to know to write my application and start out?

> Read these pages: Rules, Setting, Echoes and FAQ.
> Pick a place for your character to start at and find an AU for them. The plotting/CR meme has a new character part where you can poke around for Pre-CR (CR that is built into the background of the character, like "they went to school together" "he's his brother") and get ideas, if you want that.
> Pick a first echo. The first echo should be something small. It can be either due to a recurrence or a plot echo.
> If there are any questions left, don't hesitate to contact a mod either through the FAQ or the Mod contact.
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[Remember Lithuania's last post? Well, he seems to be a LOT better now. Time and his husband's care and, most importantly, beating Kura and thus regaining some feeling of his own strenght helped him to at least be able to go out again. Poland is never too far away, but he can stand to leave their room without having Poland less than a foot away. Right now, they are both working in the fields, or rather, their field, and Lithuania is trying to erect a scarecrow.

He takes a step back and looks at the fake person thoughtfully, before taking his communicator and switching on the feed.]

Does anyone here know how to make scarecrows more effective?


Apr. 28th, 2011 07:44 pm
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[Hello network. It's been a while.

Let's just say that Lithuania wasn't in the mood to make himself available. At all. If you have seen him around since the mirrors crossed over to this side, he would have been with Poland and let the other nation do almost all the talking. He still doesn't really feel like it, which is the reason why this is text and not audio or video.]

I'm sorry for not having spoken to anyone for this long. I hope that everyone is all right. ...Ivanova, Elaine, Ryohei, Rosemarie, Helena, may I speak to you?

If anyone in this place would like lessons in the arts of cooking, horseback riding and swordfighting, please reply here and we can figure something out.


Feb. 24th, 2011 05:50 pm
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[A conversation that he had made him wonder...]

Does anyone remember if any children have ever been born in this place?


Feb. 12th, 2011 11:40 am
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[Everyone is having fun! Or, well, most people. Lithuania should be having fun, after all he is a pretty merman with a pretty tail and his eyes look pretty under water and he's 200% the pretty merman fiance that won't get the merprincess because she'll marry some human bah


Lithuania has other things that he has to think about. This is the nation that was desribed as being more serious than Germany, after all. Which in this case means that he is looking for a way to keep his and Poland's armor and swords as dry as possible. Letters and books and such cannot be helped, but things that rot and corrode slowly can still be helped... Even though the salty air will not be much better.

The video comes on to show Lithuania on a rock, maybe half a metre above the water. A lot of metal and some pieces of wood and clothing have been laid out around him to dry in the sun. He just hopes that it is high tide right now, so if the water changes, it will sink and not rise.]

Does anyone have any waterproof wrappings or boxes?


Dec. 24th, 2010 11:54 am
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A young man arrived here yesterday and offered insult to my spouse. I need to have his name from a reliable source. I also need to know if he is of honor [he doubts this, but who knows] and can be challenged, or not. [In which case hanging would be the most fitting action. If they guy's master ever shows up, Lithuania will just pay him out. If.]

He seems to be of no education and manners, his way of talking reminds of a common soldier; of rather heavy built, with short brown hair. He seems to be from a place called "Ohio".

tl;dr explanation )

[Does someone want to talk him out of wanting to kill a guy over this?]


Dec. 11th, 2010 10:51 am
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[Lithuania has been wandering around the house a lot, going nowhere in particular. It's like he is searching for something, someone that isn't there and that he knows that he won't find, like hunting down the ghost of someone.

Feel free to either
a) run into him while he is just wandering around aimlessly, a bit folornly and looking very tired
b) find him outside, nearly invisible under thick layers of clothes, sitting at the fountain and staring out at the park
c) taking out the ponies for a walk - he's simply not sure if the grounds can be trusted to not break one of the horses' legs if he'd ride them, and he has come to really, really like them, he doesn't want to have to kill one]

[Some time later, there will be a phone call that is filtered away from Poland.]

Is there anyone here who can paint really well, well enough to copy down faces from my descriptions?
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[Dr. Lorinaitis is busy setting up a candlelight dinner in one of the visitation rooms. The table is ready, as is the decoration, and right now all he can do is wait for the confirmation call from the high-class restaurant that he ordered dinner from, and choose the right music.

He's sitting between stacks of records, putting one into the player, deciding against the music and trying another, over and over again. None really seem to be as perfectly fitting as they should.

Come and laugh at his choice of music? Tell him that the room looks just awesome?

Either way it will be hard to make him anything but giddily excited, like a schoolboy on his first real date. ..It's just been a while that he could be with his wife like this, way too long, and he's talked it through with his as well as her mother and all sisters and girl friends that were available for hours. He doesn't want to screw up and see a backlash happen. Not tonight, not ever. He just hopes that Felicja liked the hairpins and ribbons and the jewelry that he placed on her bed while she was gone.]
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All right. I've never had one of those in Eway, but I thought it might be fun.

Please comment here if you think that your character should be on here (= your character has interacted with Lithuania enough for Liet to have an opinion on him.) and I will write up a little something about them.
Read more... )
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[Lithuania, after waking up in those really, really indecent... nightgowns, he decided, found himself a bathrobe and thus managed to cover himself. He is currently trying to find more appropriate clothing, with little effect, and is wandering the hallways. But that is not why he switched his device on.]

...as of lately... Has anyone seen Pakistan?
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[When the feed clicks on, Lithuania stares at the screen nervously. Poland is clearly hiding behind him, but he is olso very clearly hiding and won't come out for the duration of the feed.see icon]

U-uhm, we need to ask a few questions, i...if you don't mind answering them. About [Blushing so hard, and fighting hard to put this into words. It doesn't really work.] ...

- we will get married soon. [And the feed ends.]

[ video ]

Jun. 27th, 2010 08:40 pm
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[Lithuania is sitting on the windowsill, looking outside. He's holding the communicator in his hands, looking down at it with distant eyes.]

Sometimes I think that the greatest ability of humans, right after compassion, is the ability to conceive children.

[There's a little pause, as if the next words were an afterthought.] I sometimes have to wonder how it is to know that you are able to found a family like that.
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[There's shuffling, and Lithuania's voice sounds hoarse when he speaks, not strong or happy or caring or sad as normally... Not eternally nervous like it will be much later in his live, or really scared, but there definitely is a hint of broken-ess in his tone.

Everyone is free to have noticed that Lithuania wasn't around at all after the first day, and Poland will have noticed that his partner has neither said much nor reacted to much at all after that. Everyone has different ways to deal with fear, and Lithuania's problem was that the fear had no obvious source.]

I'm sorry.
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[The device catches Lithuania mid-sentence, and the soft sound of skin against iron indicates that he is turning the communicator over and over in his hands while thinking.]

-still ask him. It wouldn't even have to be now - he can't remember, he was younger-

Maybe I could ask Hungary. They mentioned that he was married to Austria, he would know the procedures for nations - might, he... she is the woman [And at this point the device clatters to the ground and switches to video. You get a good shot of Lithuania from below, head buried in his hands, hair in disarray, as if he's been worrying about this for a while now.] I can't do this!


May. 11th, 2010 03:46 pm
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[He's looking older now than he did before, maybe 17. His face is also a bit harder, more ...let's say imperial than he used to be. But he's still the same basically, and now he is his angry self, despite trying to hide it. His sword is at his side, right next to a gun - he doesn't remember how to use it, but was shown that the last time that he was here and just hopes that the memory will come back at him when needed.]

To make this partition of the mansion complete, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania lays claim on floors five and six. The territory of the Islamic Republics of Pakistan and Afghanistan are under my protection.

[Filtered away from nations, 75% hackable]

I want to know what happened to Poland and who did it. Now.
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Are there really no simple social rules in the future that people do still follow?


Apr. 18th, 2010 08:13 pm
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Can anyone help me find Poland? He doesn't answer my messages, and I really need to talk to him.


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